Nothing makes a better first impression about your home and landscape than a healthy green lawn. In fact, in most landscapes, both residential and commercial, much of the estate is taken up by turfgrass. When planning a lawn, we need to consider the proper balance of lawn versus other landscape treatments, the benefits of lawn, and the type of turfgrass that's appropriate for your area based on soil conditions, light and climate.

We will meet with you at your convenience to discuss our programs. Once we begin to care for your property, we will regularly review your property and stay in touch with you to assure your complete satisfaction.

Tree Services

We will trim your trees and palms in accordance with the applicable City Codes. We recognize the value of a professionally done job and take pride in our safety record.

Hurricane preparation should take place ideally from January through May, before the season even starts. Reducing wind resistance by thinning a tree is vital. The massive amounts of rain hurricanes bring, quickly saturates the soil and makes it very difficult for even the strongest of roots to hold on. A tree must be properly balanced based on its diameter, in order to support the root system and the weight of its trunk.

Proper pruning also is essential for tree health. The weakest part of a tree is where a limb attaches to the trunk, and if the top of the branch is too heavy it will snap at that junction. When a big rip happens, a tree generally does not have to have the capacity to heal over the damaged area and can become infected. Cuts should be made with care to prevent such damage and to insure a speedy healing process.

Tree Care Services

We will maintain a well-managed maintenance program designed to keep trees healthy, strong and beautiful. Our tree care program includes:

  • Planting
  • Trimming
  • Pruning
  • Removal
  • Transplanting
  • Root Pruning and Barriers
  • Stump Removal
  • Hurricane Prep
  • Emergency Response


We believe that one of the most important components of any properly created lawn maintenance program is its fertilization program. Using fertilizer enhances grass growth and gives grass a plush texture and rich, green coloration. In order for your ground to look their best, we will determine the proper types and amounts of fertilizers to best compliment your plant material. Our programs cover turf, hedges, shrubs, flowering plants and annuals as well as trees and palms.


MLandscapeDesign.com can design and install the garden of your choice, whether your taste includes the formal, manicured look of an estate garden, the peaceful tranquility of an oriental Zen retreat or something in your dreams. The successful style will take into account your personal taste as well as the architecture of your property and the prevailing look and feel of the community. Whatever the style, attention will be paid to placement of planting material by light requirements, size, color and texture.

Light Requirement

The first step in plant selection is light requirements. One of the most difficult areas is low-light, shady conditions.


The garden should present a tiered or layered look, with smallest plants in the foreground, largest to the rear. Rear plantings should be evergreen to provide a screen and four-season presence of color.

Color and Texture

The art to garden design is combining plants of different color and texture to bring out their individual unique qualities while providing a cohesive, integrated planting. In addition to the planting materials, much value can be obtained by using accent accessories such as bird baths, fountains, statues, etc.

Patios, Walks & Walls

Define your outdoors with patios, walks and walls. These 'hardscape' features can be constructed of a variety of materials that vary widely in cost and durability.

Some of the more popular choices include:


For that warm colonial look your material of choice is brick. Brick is available in huge selections of colors and textures.


Nothing bridges the property to the landscape better than stone. lt is available in wide selection of colors, sizes and textures.


Treated wood provides the least expensive solution for retaining walls and walks, but it is also the least durable. But where the budget is the overriding concern, treated wood can provide a quick and least-cost solution and provides a natural textured look and feel.

Ponds and Waterfalls

Increase the sensory enjoyment of your garden with the soothing sound and movement of water. A garden pond will provide that special focal point for your patio that will transport you to a zone of tranquility.